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Your new Civil Defense national organization Of The United States, provider of information communications 2020.

This website's purpose is creating for you a top search engine visable  renewed national rebirth of civil defense non violent but defensive divisions.

We will provide you with important information and links to providers of products approved by your Civil defense organization that you will need in 2020 going forward new United States Emergency civil defense updates. Your

has been connecting  visitors with providers of America, American history, American Studies and many other related historical information during and of the past.

As of new June 24 2020 our new goal is to now begin to provide you more current  relevant information for your Civil Defense  organization in the 21st century new Millennium.

This is your new modern day Civil Defense 2020 website moving you forward into the 21st century

Civil Defense is the most important non partisan organization for you and your community to get involved with ASAP this summer of 2020, for securing the very future of The United States of America.

Civil Defense is a non profit organization that does not, and will not, ask for or accept donations.

We will provide here free vital news regularly updated for the year 2020 and future emergency local State and national Civil Defense communications updates and newest information. 

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LegalTivity™ of InternetSafe LLC for under $10 per year foreever  sublease paid from US Civil Defense commerce foundation fund and we thank them all.

If you wish to support our efforts

You and your group may please outfit yourselves with our approved products found at the US Civil Defense commerce website products page:

At this date in time July 2020

We do not imply, suggest, encourage, approve of, or advocate for any use of violent force or forced by volunteer divisions who may be created by following, or websites who offer links to buy products we have approved. 

Civil defense begins with you

In the heartland with you at the helm of leadership.

You who are out in the countryside farthest from the decay of the inner

cities will be the leaders of tomorrow's local civil defense. Creating

the very first local divisions who follow this organization is in your hands alone.

The best offense is a great defense that forms in the countryside aimed at defending the big cities by growing in strength united  moving inward from the outside areas of the US.

Although your civil defense is a nonpartisan organization

Due to the current State of the Union in whereas many large cities and the surrounding metro areas of these big cities of United State are experiencing de-evolution of society into lawlessness criminal anarky, currently seeking to defund the police.Therefore your Civil Defense organization recommends that you remove yourself and your businesses into the countryside or heartland of the United States and defund all these large cities.If moving is not in your plans, then civil defense preparations with your countryside civil defense leaders, is even more important for you.

Civil Defense was created

On December 1 1950 by Executive Office of the President Truman

Executive Order 10186 that created the Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA) within Office for Emergency Management.

Abandoned and replaced

In 1979 the Federal Emergency Management Agency that was United States civil defense agencies of (FEMA), in 2002 became part of the Department of Homeland Security. Focus was shifted from nuclear war to all types of hazards Comprehensive Emergency Management failure 2020.

However expecting an eventual foreign air and sea to land troops invasion on our soil

We support maintaining, upgrading and soon replacing the M1 Abrams tank with the newest technologically advanced tanks.


If you are seeking legal civil defense help in 2020 please visit the  American  Bar Association

ABA, link to

Directories and Lawyer Finders

American  Bar Association


January 1st 2021 visit:

LegalTivity™ relaunching next year.

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"Constitution of the United States 1776".

United States Bill of Rights Created: September 25, 1789 Ratified: December 15, 1791.

United States Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

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Cityscapes of many cities are giving into anarchists who create violent anarchy

At your new civil defense learn how in the current national emergency, that you have more of an not only a duty and obligation in assisting law enforcement rather just a opportunity today more than ever. So you will swear your oath to defend Constitution of the United States to join:

I do solemnly swear and affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  (Read the typed readable print reproduction here in pdf: (Constitution of the United States).

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